Fraze mowing for the removal of the unwanted top layer of thatch, weeds or the entire surface. Fraze mowing will selectively remove weak rooted turf such as poa annua, weeds and excessive organic matter while leaving the crowns, roots and rhizomes of desireable species.

The result: space is created for juvenile turf with superior genetics better suited to the needs of the turf. Juvenile turf more easily accepts water and nutrients and creates a pitch with far superior shear strength and wear tolerance. This process allows for the desirable species to regenerate saving recovery time and money.

Additionally, the process of fraze mowing eliminates the recurrence of these top layers, weeds and seeds from re-appearing season after season. The Field Top Maker is equipped with an arm extension for the easy disposal of the discarded grass and turf into the rear of a truck.

​Here is an example of the Filed Top Maker taking out ribbons left behind after sod is harvested.


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